Installing a Home Theater? Avoid Making These Two Mistakes

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Installing a Home Theater? Avoid Making These Two Mistakes

30 August 2016
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If you are getting ready to transform your living room or basement into a home theater, it can be tempting to take on this job all by yourself. However, there are a lot of mistakes that can be made during the installation process that you need to be aware of. Avoid doing these two things if you want the installation to be successful.

Lack of Ventilation

Your home-theater system is going to have a lot of equipment in order to get things just right. You're going to need an amplifier for the speakers at the very least, and chances are that you have a variety of additional AV equipment that will hook up to your TV. This includes a cable or satellite receiver, a Blu-ray player, video-game consoles, and media-streaming devices.

Don't make the mistake of putting all of these devices in a cabinet without any ventilation. It may look pretty having them all neatly installed in a closed cabinet, but these devices produce a lot of heat.

Instead of a glass door, you can use a mesh panel that is similar to the cover of a speaker. Leave the back panel off the cabinet so that there can be plenty of airflow. Also, consider the placement of your devices. The amplifier is going to be the device that is on all the time, and it produces a ton of heat. Placing this device near the bottom will cause heat to rise, making all of your other AV equipment hotter. Place it on the top shelf of your AV rack so that it doesn't overheat the other devices.

Incorrect Speaker Placement

The sound produced by your speakers takes on the characteristics of the materials that surround it. This is crucial to keep in mind when it comes to the placement of the speakers.

For instance, a common mistake made is to install a speaker inside a wall or cabinet to keep it hidden away. This is going to significantly impact the quality of the audio the speakers produce, since the sound will be reflecting off the wood, which will alter the sound. The same logic applies to glass. If the speakers are near windows in the room, the sound will reflect off that glass and produce a tinny sound from your speakers.

Keep your speakers away from corners and cabinets where sound can reflect off the surfaces. Place them toward the center of the room, with the speakers each being an equal distance away from the wall so they provide similar sound.

For help with installing your home theater, consider having a professional such as The Good Guys do the job for you.