Get More Educated On Grease Traps

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Get More Educated On Grease Traps

31 January 2020
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Learning about the grease trap will prove to be useful because a grease trap is important. It is very important in commercial kitchen in particular. If you currently have very little to no understanding of grease traps, then you should keep reading to further your knowledge of the subject. If you don't do your part to have a better understanding of dealing with grease, then your ignorance on the subject can land you in a bad situation in a number of ways. Here are some basic points about grease traps you can start with.

Understand why you would need a grease trap

Most regions have laws in place that require restaurants to have grease traps. They are also required to ensure that the grease traps are maintained in a way that allows them to continue trapping greases and other solids to prevent them from making their way to the municipal water treatment facilities. By requiring all restaurants that cook food with grease or that produce grease to utilize grease traps, the water treatment facilities won't have to deal with major problems that can happen when excessive amounts of greases and other solids end up in the treatment facility.  

Understand how the grease trap works

Grease traps aren't all that complicated, and this is good because the less complicated something is, the easier it usually is to troubleshoot issues if something starts to happen to the system. When a grease trap is in place, everything in the kitchen will drain via a route that causes everything to pass through the grease trap. When everything is running though the trap, thick substances like greases and oils, as well as anything else that would be considered to be more of a solid than water, will be held in the trap tank. Areas like all kitchen drains, the dishwashers, and even the drains that are on the floors will all drain into the grease trap.

Understand what happens to the grease that's collected in the trap

Once the trap has collected a good amount of grease, then you are going to need to have it emptied so that it will continue to have room to catch more of the grease and solid matter. You may want to set up a regular service where you will always know when the service will be coming in order to collect the grease from your grease trap. Contact a grease collection service to learn more.